5 Easy Ways to Detox your Mind

Just like the body needs to detox after eating unhealthily or consuming alcohol, the brain also needs to detox from the negative thoughts. Dr Tim Fogliano says that reason behind the mind cleansing is that the thoughts that come are toxic. Actually, the negative thoughts left the human unproductive.

In reality, individuals have the biological tendency to concentrate on the problems rather than the good things. This bad habit will convert into the depression, stress, and anxiety with the time. Moreover, worries will impact both the personal as well as professional life. Hence, one should need to reprogram their mind towards positivity in order to spend a happier life and become more productive.

Here, are some of the ways that will help individuals in mental cleansing:

1) Start Your Day by Reconnecting to Nature:

connect with nature

Actually, the brain of the human being love to absorb the natural scenery. This is the best way of healthy detoxification to breathe outside in the early morning. One should have to take a look at the sky, listen to the birds chirping sound and feel the sunlight. Doing this for 5 minutes every day will help in refreshing the mind and forgetting the anxiety.

2. Mediate to Refresh the Mind:


Mediation is helpful for reducing the anxiety and depression. Actually, few minute arbitration help individuals in improving their concentration as well as mood. In fact, there are no norms for doing meditation. One can breathe deeply for some minutes. Moreover, you can try to clear the brain and let the negative thoughts go out.

3. Prioritize the Important Work:

List of tasks

This is good to make a list of work of the whole day. Actually, completing the task one by one help individuals in building self-confidence. According to Dr Tim Fogliano, the urgent work will get our attention more. So, it is better to create a list of tasks and start from the most important. This will help in keeping individuals away from the worries of work.

4. Clear all the Surrounding Clutter:

clean the house

This will help in detoxifying the mind. All you need to take a look at your surroundings and start cleaning the clutter. Clear all the corner of your house where you throw the mess. In fact, one should also go through their emails in order to delete all the spams. Once you did with the cleanliness, your mind also feels the clearer.

5. Commit to Finish the Started Work:

finish your work

Always try to finish the work that you are doing. In fact, the incomplete things in your daily task create the anxiety and worry. Hence, always try to do one task at a time and finish it. This approach will result in better mental health. One can also divide their task into manageable parts.

6. Read the Motivational Books:

Read Motivational Books

One can start their day by reading the positive quotes while supping the morning tea. This is good to read the inspiring stories to divert your mind. Actually, it will help you in getting rid of the bad thoughts that are roaming in your brain.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the ways provided by Dr Tim Fogliano to detoxify the brain. One should have to follow these tips to improve their mood and live a life free of worries. Having good psychological health help individuals in becoming more productive.


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