5 Best Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

Life is not fair and it would never be. Things happen everyday and life goes on. Therefore, in such a hectic environment, it is important to take care of your mental health. Instead of getting panic or anxious for every little thing, you must try to be positive in every situation. And being positive is very important to boost your mental health.

Let’s discuss a few best tips to enhance mental health with the expert Tim Fogliano.


Choose Healthy Habits

Choosing healthy habits is essential to living a healthy life physically and mentally. Most times we consume snacks to calm down our hunger pangs. According to nutritionists, you should swap snacks with food items that are rich in fiber, moderate in protein like fruits and nuts. You need to train your brain to desire healthier foods. Once you trained your mind to eat fruit instead of snacks, sooner you brain will adopt this eating habit. Also, drink water more often as keeping body hydrate increase brain power by up to 30 percent.

Spend Some Time with Yourself

Sometimes it is necessary to ignore the noise and spend some time with yourself. Alone time is very important for every individual. It allows you to give rest to your mind, body, and soul. After working all day you need a peace of mind and it can only attain when you are away from all kind of noise, thoughts, and worries. To attain peace of mind you can choose some relaxing exercise like yoga or meditation. Eventually, it will help you to improve your mental health.

Stay Away From Stress

Stress is injurious to mind. Therefore, one should avoid taking stress in everyday life. We can’t control every situation but we can control our thoughts. If you learn the trick to control your thoughts nothing could affect your peace of mind. Most times desires and expectations are the root cause of stress, learn to free your mind from desires and expectations and feel the difference. Stress not only affects our mental health but also affect our physical health. So make sure to avoid stress in any situation and live with a positive attitude.

Maintain Active Mind

Working every day on the computer or watching TV may keep you active, but it does not contribute to your mental health unless you do something productive with it. In other words, to keep yourself active you must indulge yourself in some activities that not only keep you active but also sharp your mind. For example, you can play games such as crosswords or puzzles, solving jigsaw, reading books, etc. Indulging in games not only keep you excited but also improve your brain power to a great extent. In the end, playing such games will sharp your brain and improve your mental health.

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mental breakdown

Mental Breakdown Symptoms and Guidance

If you are dedicated and sincere towards your work it’s great! However, it should not cost your physical and mental health. Most time people suffer from an illness or feel overworked and overwhelmed at work, this is when they need a break. Otherwise, it could create a mental health disorder.

Find out these four signs that may cause you a mental breakdown including tips to overcome with an expert Dr. Tim Fogliano.

1. Not Able To Focus

losing focus

When your mind is overuse, you start losing focus on the important things. And this ultimately brings huge stress and health risks including mental breakdown. According to many experts including Dr. Tim Fogliano, stress is the major reason that causes several types of chronic health problems which include cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, and psychological disorders. And not only employees get affected by it, the company, too.

TIP: When you find your plate is full, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Being a team player is a great thing and you should push yourself harder to achieve your goals, but you should not compromise your health. If you feel that your health is getting affected, limit your workload and step away from your desk to give yourself some alone time to prevent mental breakdown. Set accurate diameter for yourself so you don’t over-commit and can maintain the balance between personal and professional responsibilities.


2. Relationships Are Suffering

relationships are suffering

To have a happy and peaceful life it is very important to maintain the balance between personal and professional life. Most times what happens in your professional life affect your personal life and vice versa. Workload and long working hours can put stress on personal relationships and responsibilities, and in the end, both your personal and professional life will suffer. We all like to have social connections, it is basic human nature. Somewhere it also helps to combat burnout. Otherwise, loneliness, isolation or stress can have serious consequences.

TIP: Consider your family responsibilities as important as you consider your work responsibilities. Have you missed college reunion, birthday parties or family dinners to stay late at the office to complete the project before the deadline? When you’re too busy and neglecting your personal life, you are missing something that won’t come back. So, try to live in present, stick to your commitments and live life to the fullest.


3. Physical Signs of Stress

tim fogliano-physical signs of stress

Working for long hours actually hurt your body. While long working hours do not affect in the short run, in the long run, it may affect your mental health and increase the risk of mental breakdown. According to experts including Dr. Tim Fogliano, people who work for long hours may deal with coronary disease.

TIP: First you should acknowledge the cause of stress. Find out if it is your workload, your manager or any specific task that causes you stress. Once you address the problem, make a step by step plan to deal with it – sometimes the smallest step can make the biggest difference.

4. Lack of Sleep and Nutrition

tim fogliano-lack of sleep

Lack of sleep and poor nutrition are two major signs that show you need a mental health break to prevent mental breakdown. Improper diet and sleep not only reduce your physical energy but also have a great impact on your emotional energy and intelligence. Do you really think it is possible for you to give your best when your mind and body is not properly fueled? According to experts, good sleep and proper diet are necessary to be more focused, energized and confident to take everyday tasks.

TIP: Pause – and take a deep breath. When your thoughts continually bother you or work responsibilities are weighing you down, take a break from everything. Put the task on hold and make your mental and physical health as your first priority. Whether that means going for a morning walk or getting a good 8 hours sleep – take that time to refresh yourself as it will help you to clear your mind and strengthen your body.

Final Words

According to an expert Dr. Tim Fogliano, these are few symptoms that may cause you mental breakdown. To avoid it, you must follow the mentioned tips.

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