Tim Fogliano | Child Mental Health Awareness Plan

Today, everyone understands the significance of good mental health, but how do you help your child achieve it? Nowadays, you can find many mental health tips on the internet, but do you think that they may really work. Early mental health of a kid is really important because it helps in building a solid foundation to a house.

Let’s explore the ways through which you can promote your child’s mental health with the help of psychiatrist, Tim Fogliano.

1. Provide Unconditional Love to Your Child

tim fogliano-unconditional love to your kid

According to Tim Fogliano, providing unconditional love to your child is one of the most reliable ways to grow up his/her confidence. Also, it helps to boost the mental health of a child. Since every child desires to be loved by his/her parents and family, so the parents must consider these three factors – Love, protection, and acceptance. These factors not only help in promoting mental health but also, help a child to grow self-confidence and strengths. Apart from this, makes sure that your kids don’t feel that your love depends upon their achievements and marks or grades in class. Also, make them understand the importance of mistakes, and tell them that it’s common to makes while growing, and will not affect their love. Tell them that you will not stop loving them, and your love is immense.

2. Provide Proper Administration and Discipline to Your Kids

The second step that can help to promote the mental health of a child is to – teach them a comprehensive lesson of discipline and provide guidance to them. But, some parents love their children in such a way that they neglect their mistakes, which is not acceptable. Because neglecting mistakes can harm your child’s mental health. He/She will always behave inappropriately and will disobey the rules and regulations of the house. So make sure that you teach them the lesson of discipline and make them understand that mistakes that they are making are not acceptable by you and your family. But keep in mind that do not try to control them, always allow your child to learn and self-control.

3. Ensure Your Surroundings Are Safe

Always keep in mind that, do not let your child feel the fear. Make sure that your home is secure enough because home is the place where your child should be fearless. However, there are some situations in which a child becomes timid, worried, undercover, or anxious. Because for children, fear is for real. So try to sort out the problems that your child is facing and give him/her more confidence and love.

4. Teach Your Child Resiliency

tim fogliano-teach your child

According to experts including Tim Fogliano, child having good mental health includes some characteristics such as – Self-assurance and high self-confidence, Versatility to discover unique things, Amenability to improve, Capability to deal with stress and recover from trouble, etc. But, having these characteristics doesn’t mean that he/she will never experience disappointments. Also, disappointments may indeed lead to stress, anxiety, and sadness. So here where you have to teach your children the lesson of resiliency. Because it will lead your child to deal with the situations and will make him powerful enough to bounce back and conquer the problems.

Final Words

So these were some of the steps unveiled by an expert psychiatrist – Tim Fogliano that can help you to promote your child’s mental health. For any queries regarding adolescent therapy and adult therapy for all psychiatric conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and attention disorders, you can leave a comment in the comment section below.

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tim fogliano-boost brain power

Tim Fogliano | Natural Ways To Increase Brain Power

In life, when you hit a certain age, it becomes normal forgetting small things from time to time, especially, when professional, and personal life is quite hectic. While sometimes forgetting small things is absolutely normal, having poor memory is actually very annoying. So how one can improve brain power?

Most people may not know that genetics plays a crucial role in memory loss, especially when it comes to serious neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, according to experts, our diet and lifestyle also have a major impact on our brain Power.

Let’s explore a few tips to improve brain power naturally with the New York City Psychiatrist, Tim Fogliano.

1. Meditation can Boost Brain Power

tim fogliano-meditation

According to Dr. Tim Fogliano, meditation is a very useful process to reduce stress level and boost brain power. It helps an individual to reduce anxiety, stress, and improve lower blood pressure and memory.  According to experts, meditation is not only good for the body but also for the brain. Those people who practice meditating at an early stage have fewer chances to deal with problems like memory loss. In fact, meditation and yoga techniques found very helpful in improving short-term memory in people of all ages, including the 20s to 70s or more.

2. Consume Less Added Sugar

Consuming too much sugar can lead to many chronic diseases, including cognitive decline. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce its consumption in order to have a healthy and fit life. According to experts, people consume too much sugar on a regular basis, possibly have poorer memory and lower brain volumes. So, it is advisable to follow a diet that helps you reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, improve poor insulin regulation, and increase brain power.

3. Maintain Healthy Weight

Maintain a healthy weight is necessary for our mind, body, and soul. Most people may not know that being overweight can affect memory associated genes, which led to memory loss.  In fact, obesity also responsible for developing Alzheimer’s disease that negatively affects brain power and cognitive function. Proper exercise and a healthy diet are the two main sources to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Therefore, make sure you balance your exercise and diet in a way that it keeps you fit and healthy always.

4. Take Proper Sleep to Maintain Brain Power

Most times, it happens with almost everyone when we do not take proper sleep, we forget small things like where we put the car keys or what we went into the bedroom to get. It usually becomes difficult to work when you’re sleep-deprived. Eventually, it affects your cognitive skills, memory, and ability to think or communicate.

Therefore, if you think you are not getting proper rest, find out if you need more hours of sleep or you need to work on improving the quality of sleep.

5. Train Your Brain

tim fogliano-brain training games

What if you someone tells you that you can train your brain with fun activity and games? Yes, you can improve your cognitive skills by playing brain games. According to experts including Dr. Tim Fogliano, such kind of fun activity is an effective way to boost your memory. To improve your brain power and mental health, you can play games like Crosswords, Tetris, word-recall games, etc.

Final Thoughts

So, these are few good natural ways suggested by Tim Fogliano to boost up your brain power and mental health. In case you want to know more about how to maintain, improve, or build mental health, feel free to write below in the comment box.

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psychiotherapy session

Tim Fogliano | How can Psychotherapy Sessions Benefits you

Needless to say, psychotherapy gives various benefits to an individual. A psychotherapist is an experienced and qualified professional who knows what to do in sessions. But when it comes to clients, they have to learn after visiting the therapists. No doubt it cost them valuable time and money.

So let’s explore a few tips that can help your psychotherapy sessions more effective with Tim Fogliano.

1. Pick Psychotherapist Carefully

pick psychiotherapist carefully

Choosing a therapist is not easy, you need to look for someone with whom you can maintain a comfort level. No doubt it is difficult to analyze someone in one conversation. Therefore, give at least three sessions and then decide if you want to continue with the particular therapist or not. Usually, it takes three to four sessions to find out if the therapist fit for you or not. So do not get panic and take time before making any conclusion, recommended by Dr. Tim Fogliano.

2. View Psychotherapy as Two-Way Responsibility

Psychotherapy is basically an interactive process. Make sure when you start with your sessions, you express your needs, ask questions, and do the homework assignments. Homework assignment involves explaining to your therapist what you’d like to discuss during a session, discussing with them regarding appointment time which suits you or doesn’t suit you. Experts always advise clients to prepare a proper plan of action and highlight the points you want to discuss as homework. Make sure the time you spend should satisfy your needs in every way.

3. Keep Working outside Your Psychotherapy Sessions As Well

Almost everyone knows that a psychotherapy therapy session generally lasts 50 minutes; however, in order to get benefits from it, it’s necessary to think of therapy even after the session.

Keep a journal, write down important points from your last session, prepare for your next one, and generally pay attention if there is any change in your thoughts and feelings after the session. Your sessions will give you much material to think and analyze, your job is to apply the work to your everyday life.

4. Highlight Positive Changes

tim fogliano-highlight positive changes with therapist

After a few sessions sit with your therapist and mark positive changes you gain after psychotherapy. It will help you to track your progress and will keep you motivated. These markers may include changes in your behavior, attitude, emotional change, etc. which you or your therapist can observe.

These changes may include feeling happier or more energized, learn to stay away from toxic people in your life, improving communication skills at social gatherings, even with boss regarding workplace issues, etc.

Markers may consist of signposts, positive or negative, guiding you what direction you’re moving toward.

5. Business Comes First

Meeting with a therapist is something considered as professional, so make sure you take care of certain things like payment, scheduling and insurance questions at the beginning of the session. Otherwise, it will become awkward if you end a session with a big revelation followed by three minutes of check writing. Therefore, it is advisable to clear all those logistical issues at the beginning only.

Final Thoughts

So these are few best tips from Tim Fogliano for the clients who are approaching psychotherapy for the sessions. If you have any query to ask before visiting for your first psychotherapy session, feel free to ask below in the comment box.

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5 Best Tips To Boost Your Mental Health

Life is not fair and it would never be. Things happen everyday and life goes on. Therefore, in such a hectic environment, it is important to take care of your mental health. Instead of getting panic or anxious for every little thing, you must try to be positive in every situation. And being positive is very important to boost your mental health.

Let’s discuss a few best tips to enhance mental health with the expert Tim Fogliano.


Choose Healthy Habits

Choosing healthy habits is essential to living a healthy life physically and mentally. Most times we consume snacks to calm down our hunger pangs. According to nutritionists, you should swap snacks with food items that are rich in fiber, moderate in protein like fruits and nuts. You need to train your brain to desire healthier foods. Once you trained your mind to eat fruit instead of snacks, sooner you brain will adopt this eating habit. Also, drink water more often as keeping body hydrate increase brain power by up to 30 percent.

Spend Some Time with Yourself

Sometimes it is necessary to ignore the noise and spend some time with yourself. Alone time is very important for every individual. It allows you to give rest to your mind, body, and soul. After working all day you need a peace of mind and it can only attain when you are away from all kind of noise, thoughts, and worries. To attain peace of mind you can choose some relaxing exercise like yoga or meditation. Eventually, it will help you to improve your mental health.

Stay Away From Stress

Stress is injurious to mind. Therefore, one should avoid taking stress in everyday life. We can’t control every situation but we can control our thoughts. If you learn the trick to control your thoughts nothing could affect your peace of mind. Most times desires and expectations are the root cause of stress, learn to free your mind from desires and expectations and feel the difference. Stress not only affects our mental health but also affect our physical health. So make sure to avoid stress in any situation and live with a positive attitude.

Maintain Active Mind

Working every day on the computer or watching TV may keep you active, but it does not contribute to your mental health unless you do something productive with it. In other words, to keep yourself active you must indulge yourself in some activities that not only keep you active but also sharp your mind. For example, you can play games such as crosswords or puzzles, solving jigsaw, reading books, etc. Indulging in games not only keep you excited but also improve your brain power to a great extent. In the end, playing such games will sharp your brain and improve your mental health.

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mental health stigma

How Mental Health Stigma can be reduced through Work Culture

Nowadays 3 out of 10 people deal with anxiety, depression or other mental health issues. Some are better in hiding it and some don’t even realize that they are dealing with any kind of mental health issue. In a hectic life, it becomes difficult for people to stay mentally and physically healthy and fit. That is why it is necessary for managers and bosses to create a work culture for employees where they don’t feel discriminated due to their mental health issues.

Let’s find out a few ways to create an empathetic work culture to reduce Mental Health Stigma with Tim Fogliano:

Choose your words wisely

tim fogliano-choose your words wisely

Most time we heard managers saying, he is behaving like schizo nowadays without knowing the actual condition of an employee. When these words hit the ears of a colleague who has a mental health challenge, these words may drain the confidence of the employee. After hearing these words, he may not be able to tell his manager about a disorder. And that he needs time to see a therapist. Therefore, it is important for managers and employees to choose their words wisely to create a healthy work culture, said by Psychiatrist Tim Fogliano.

Reconsider sick days

tim fogliano-reconsider sick days

If an individual is having cancer, no one says, “Let’s fight with it” or “you should learn to deal with it?” They recognize it as an illness and they may ask you to take time and get treatment. However, when a colleague shows signs of stress, anxiety, or manic behavior, nobody reacts in the same way. According to experts, managers should suggest and request their colleague to focus on improving mental as well as physical health.

Create an environment for open and honest conversations

tim fogliano-open conversations

According to Dr. Tim Fogliano, organizations should create an environment for people to talk about their own challenges, past and present, without fear of being judged. They should not feel like sharing about failure or challenges make them lose the next big project or promotion. Leaders can make this possible by sharing their own experiences regarding their struggled with mental health issues. They should make everyone realize that sharing about struggle doesn’t harm anyone, rather it’s a healing process.

Choose to be proactive   


High-pressure careers definitely consist stress to some extent. People who work in such an environment get used to it or learn how to cope with it. However, stress for a long period of time may create mental illness. Managers can ensure the right balance of work and stress by offering various programs and education on stress management. According to many experts, programs like how to cope up with stress management help employees to avoid burnout. Bosses should focus on helping their employees by providing resources before stress create more serious problems.

Train employees to observe and respond to mentally challenged behavior

tim fogliano-train employees

Almost every organization keep a medical kit around for employees. However, only a few companies organize a national program which helps individual’s to recognize the signs of someone who may be struggling with mental health issues. And also how to connect with them and help them with resources. Through role plays and other activities, they offer guidance to assess the risk of suicide or self-harm due to depression or suffering a panic attack. Such situations are not common, they usually arise at unexpected times, so it’s important to be prepared for them.

Final Words

So these are the few tips from Tim Fogliano to create a work culture where employees must know how to handle those employees who are dealing with mental health issues.

mental breakdown

Mental Breakdown Symptoms and Guidance

If you are dedicated and sincere towards your work it’s great! However, it should not cost your physical and mental health. Most time people suffer from an illness or feel overworked and overwhelmed at work, this is when they need a break. Otherwise, it could create a mental health disorder.

Find out these four signs that may cause you a mental breakdown including tips to overcome with an expert Dr. Tim Fogliano.

1. Not Able To Focus

losing focus

When your mind is overuse, you start losing focus on the important things. And this ultimately brings huge stress and health risks including mental breakdown. According to many experts including Dr. Tim Fogliano, stress is the major reason that causes several types of chronic health problems which include cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, and psychological disorders. And not only employees get affected by it, the company, too.

TIP: When you find your plate is full, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Being a team player is a great thing and you should push yourself harder to achieve your goals, but you should not compromise your health. If you feel that your health is getting affected, limit your workload and step away from your desk to give yourself some alone time to prevent mental breakdown. Set accurate diameter for yourself so you don’t over-commit and can maintain the balance between personal and professional responsibilities.


2. Relationships Are Suffering

relationships are suffering

To have a happy and peaceful life it is very important to maintain the balance between personal and professional life. Most times what happens in your professional life affect your personal life and vice versa. Workload and long working hours can put stress on personal relationships and responsibilities, and in the end, both your personal and professional life will suffer. We all like to have social connections, it is basic human nature. Somewhere it also helps to combat burnout. Otherwise, loneliness, isolation or stress can have serious consequences.

TIP: Consider your family responsibilities as important as you consider your work responsibilities. Have you missed college reunion, birthday parties or family dinners to stay late at the office to complete the project before the deadline? When you’re too busy and neglecting your personal life, you are missing something that won’t come back. So, try to live in present, stick to your commitments and live life to the fullest.


3. Physical Signs of Stress

tim fogliano-physical signs of stress

Working for long hours actually hurt your body. While long working hours do not affect in the short run, in the long run, it may affect your mental health and increase the risk of mental breakdown. According to experts including Dr. Tim Fogliano, people who work for long hours may deal with coronary disease.

TIP: First you should acknowledge the cause of stress. Find out if it is your workload, your manager or any specific task that causes you stress. Once you address the problem, make a step by step plan to deal with it – sometimes the smallest step can make the biggest difference.

4. Lack of Sleep and Nutrition

tim fogliano-lack of sleep

Lack of sleep and poor nutrition are two major signs that show you need a mental health break to prevent mental breakdown. Improper diet and sleep not only reduce your physical energy but also have a great impact on your emotional energy and intelligence. Do you really think it is possible for you to give your best when your mind and body is not properly fueled? According to experts, good sleep and proper diet are necessary to be more focused, energized and confident to take everyday tasks.

TIP: Pause – and take a deep breath. When your thoughts continually bother you or work responsibilities are weighing you down, take a break from everything. Put the task on hold and make your mental and physical health as your first priority. Whether that means going for a morning walk or getting a good 8 hours sleep – take that time to refresh yourself as it will help you to clear your mind and strengthen your body.

Final Words

According to an expert Dr. Tim Fogliano, these are few symptoms that may cause you mental breakdown. To avoid it, you must follow the mentioned tips.

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Deal with panic attack

5 Tips for Dealing with Panic Attack at Work

A panic attack is very common among individuals. Basically, it is a feeling of sudden and intense anxiety. Many individuals dealing with panic attacks face problem in breathing, tremble, sweat copiously, and sometimes feel their hearts pounding.

Even some individuals experience chest pain and a feeling of separation from reality or themselves when they get a panic attack, so they might feel like they’re having a heart attack. Others have recounted feeling like they are having a stroke.

Panic attack can be terrifying and may hit you fast. Dr. Tim Fogliano says it’s important not to let your fear of panic attack control you.

Here are 5 best ways to deal with a panic attack at work

1. Try deep Breathing

try deep breathing

While hyperventilating is a sign of panic attacks that can increase anxiety and fear. And this is where deep breathing can help reduce symptoms of panic during an attack.

If you are successful in controlling you’re breathing, you may not have to deal with the hyperventilating that can make a situation worse and the panic attack itself, said by Dr. Tim Fogliano

At this point you should take a breath in and out through your mouth, the feel of the air gradually fill your chest and belly and then gradually leave them again. Breathe in for four seconds, hold for a second, and then breathe out for four seconds.

2. Indulge in Light Exercise

light exercise

Endorphins continually pump the blood exactly in the right away. It successfully floods our body with endorphins, which can be helpful in improving your mood. Because you’re stressed, it is better to go for a light exercise that calm your bodies, such as walking or swimming.

Everything comes with an exception! Therefore, in case you are hyperventilating or finding difficulty in breathing, first, focus to catch your breath.

3. Take Professional help

take professional help

According to experts, certain parts of the brain, and biological processes are linked to anxiety and fear. Sometimes panic disorder runs in families, though it’s unidentified why certain family members have it and others don’t. Panic disorder is normally treated with psychotherapy, medication or both.

Even experts say that cognitive behavioral therapy actually very helpful in treating panic disorder, because that method allows you to learn different ways of thinking, behaving and reacting to the emotions that come with a panic attack.

4. Practice Mindfulness

digging your feet

Mindfulness can keep you grounded in the reality of what’s around you. Since panic attacks can possibly detach you from reality, this can fight with your panic attack as its approaching or actually happening.

Emphasis on the physical sensations, like digging your feet into the ground. This will help you to connect with the reality and offer you something to focus on.

5. Write down your thoughts

write your thoughts

Most times in a situation of panic attack, our thoughts are inaccurate and need to be challenged. If negative thoughts pop up in your head, talk back to and encounter them by writing down a positive version of the same thought. Keeping a journal can keep you mentally healthy, according to the experts like Dr. Tim Fogliano.

Final Words

So, these are the 5 tips to deal with the panic attack. In case you still find difficulty in dealing with a panic attack or not able to recognize its symptoms, better consult an expert psychiatrist like Dr. Tim Fogliano.

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