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Tim Fogliano | Mania Phase of Bipolar Disorder

Sometimes neglecting minor symptoms can lead to serious diseases like bipolar diseases. Most people are not aware of bipolar disease which actually related to changes in moods. The mania phase of bipolar disorder includes excessive high level of energy and activity. People who deal with such disorder actually experience racing thoughts, and difficulty concentrating, a lower need for sleep, etc.

Let’s explore the symptoms of mania with the expert Tim Fogliano.


1. Higher energy

higher energy

A person suffering from mania usually has higher energy to abnormal levels. Basically, people dealing with mania instantly jump from one activity to the next. However, they start with a variety of projects at one time, but not able to finish them.


2. Feeling overly excited

overly excited

Getting over excited on every small thing or elevated mood is one of the most common symptoms of bipolar mania. Sometimes, instead of an exhilarated mood, individuals suffering from mania become extremely irritable. In case, you find this symptom in your behavior, better to take it seriously and contact Psychiatrist like Tim Fogliano from New York City.


3. Self-esteem in excess

Overstated self-esteem is one step ahead then overconfidence. In simple words, it actually involves an excessive level of self-importance or a feeling of unrealistic superiority. A person dealing with mania sometimes even start assuming that they contain supernatural abilities to achieve everything, including impossible things. Even they think they can destroy endless disease.


4. Racing thoughts

Continuous racing thoughts are normally one of the first symptoms an individual experience during a manic phase. According to Psychiatrist Tim Fogliano, racing thoughts sometimes involve quickly changing ideas and an inability to focus on one particular thing. Most people deal with such issue, and most times we neglect this symptom, in case you find this symptom, consult a physician.


5. Pressured speech

When we talk about pressured speech, it is basically the tendency to talk very quickly and loudly. It often goes simultaneously with racing thoughts. Most times with this symptom may urgently speak all of their ideas, whether it makes sense or not. Even in a few cases, they keep on speaking without any pause and does not allow anyone else to speak. Also, they possibly say things that are not suitable for the situation.


6. Disturbance in sleeping

People with mania sometimes find difficulty in sleeping or feel that they don’t have much requirement for sleep. It is not unusual for an individual dealing with mania to stay awake for more than 24 hours or only sleep 3 hours a night. However, they still feel that they have slept well.


7. Engaging in risky behaviors


Mania may make person impulsive, which leads him to take part in dangerous or risky activities. Their actions possibly include excessive speeding, reckless driving, and consumption of the drug, etc.


Final Thoughts

So these are the few symptoms of mania in bipolar disease that you must detect and if you find one, it is advisable to consult an expert. According to Tim Fogliano, it is necessary to detect symptoms in the initial stage only, otherwise, it may become a serious one. If you have any other query related to mania or any suggestion, feel free to write below in the comment box.

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